Making your everyday cooking
a smooth and enjoyable experience.

About Us

Junal is a Lebanese based family business that has been providing kitchens with top quality products since 1972.

Our market is spread around the globe in countries such as Germany, Canada, Australia, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Jordan, Iraq, Qatar, and various African countries.

We are reputed for our famous Lemon Seasoning and are also recognized for our wide assortments, which includes:

Instant Sahlep

Falafel Mix

Corn Flour

Baking Powder

Puddings etc…

We have found solutions to the problem of staying too long in the kitchen. All our products were created in a way for you to spend the least but most enjoyable time in the kitchen. You can check out our assortment in the Products section.

At Junal we believe that the only way we put a product on a shelf is if it is already served on our own kitchen tables.


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